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Beginning of this year, BBC debuted its latest documentary series, Big Cats, which reflects various cat classes from all over the earth. But the kitten that persisted out the most wasn’t the largest — on the contrast: it was the tiniest feline in the world, the rusty-spotted cat which is also the smallest cat in the world.

But don’t be deceived by his real cuteness and the truth that he’s absurdly small. This cat is, however, a predator, and he’s entirely proficient of enduring in a deciduous woodland. Although, it’s close to impossible to watch his original exoticism in action and not be mesmerized.

tiniest feline

It may be hard to understand, but this male rusty-spotted cat you will see in the BBC video is almost fully grown. Like maximum cats, he originally kills rodents and birds. And at that size, he’s almost unquestionably exposed to predators as well. Rusty-spotted cats are so infrequently witnessed outside of slavery that there isn’t a lot identified about their habits in the wild. That’s one of the causes that the BBC video is so compelling.

This Big Cats footage was recorded in Sri Lanka, which is one of the several regions where the rusty-spotted cats have been recognized to live. BBC is rooting for the durability of all wild cats. How could anyone not admire a kitty with those broad dramatic eyes?

New chapters of Big Cats are currently broadcasting on BBC One in the United Kingdom. Probably, the series will ultimately make its move to BBC America as well. Watch the full video below:

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  1. Such beautiful kitty a of all siZes I love them all

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