Why do cats like fridge so much
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There are several schools of thought about a cat’s character but almost all of the cat owners would agree that they are mysterious creatures. As Nan Porter said, if a cat could talk, it wouldn’t. Some cats like the comfy sofa and some others like to sneak into their owner’s closets. Yet there is one behaviour a lot of cat owner’s find amusing, a cat’s obsession with fridge.

The Food Angle

Your cat has it all; love, sleep and your entire property. Therefore, the reason cats love going to the fridge is that they associate it with treats and meals. Most packaged cat foods have a chance of spoilage once open and are therefore kept in the fridge. Cats are intelligent; they very well know their food places and can smell the treats too. Given that the fridge is sort of a forbidden place for a cat, their curiosity is also often at its peak and explains a cat’s obsession with fridge.

cats obsession of fridge
Weather effect

Anything that the cats lay their eyes on, belongs to them. Cats love cosy spaces and they associate a fridge as such so they have made it their next goal. Some cats also tend to open the fridge by themselves which is a cause of concern since they can get trapped and can develop hypothermia.


In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as God and they clearly haven’t forgotten it. So if your cat has made the fridge his enemy, there is not much you can do about it. You can just be alert.

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