Why do cats have rough tongues
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Cats are one of the cutest animals on Earth that one can keep as a pet. Cats have rough tongues than the other animals because they possess functional barbs. In addition to the barbs, the tongue of a cat also contains papillae which are made up of Keratin. It is an element which is present in the nails and hairs. These fillers are extremely rigid just like barbs and are backward facing. Many experts say that theories exist which says why cats have a tongue which is rough.

At first, it was thought that the barbs are for grooming. Barbs were believed to serve the functionality of a hairbrush which collected all the loose hair from the surrounding and the body.
Interestingly, at the time of comparing cat tongue for human, you will notice some cats over groom themselves with the help of their tongue which ultimately leads to hair loss. On the other hand, barbs play a vital role in helping the cat eat. By nature, cats are predators. So, they love catching their prey and making the kill thereafter. With the barbed tongue, it becomes easier for them to grab and hold the prey in their mouth until they reach their destination. (Read about: Why do cats run away when they are about to die?)

Cat tongue spikes are not easy to live with. If observed carefully. the cat tongue anatomy has its own share of pitfalls such as inflammation, which prompts cats to dissipate their papillae. If the problems persist for a more extended period, then some portions of their tongue will lose the roughness.

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