elephant attempts to play with cats
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What comes to our mind when we hear the word Elephant? A giant animal with big ears and two beautiful ivory teeth, right?
But apart from being a strong and mighty animal, they are kids at heart. Want to know how?
Watch the video below to see this elephant Faa Mai trying to play with the cat.

The elephant is one of the majestic animals, calm and gentle in nature, and with human traits. One fine day Faa Mai advanced towards the cat upon catching sight of the furry animal.

She couldn’t stop herself from noticing this tiny creature and despite of being a majestic animal her heart rolled in with the crave for playing with the cat.

Interestingly, the former was trying to grab the attention of the latter by going back and forth and picking up stuff. However, despite the attempt of the elephant to make the cat play with her, the cat was intimated and so it could do nothing more than looking at her actions.

Watch the full video here, and don’t forget to to share it with your family and friends.

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