cat and dog are Friends forever
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We grew up believing that cats and dogs are the ultimate enemies and just can’t stand each other. Well, this video is going to shatter your beliefs in just a few minutes. You are truly fortunate if you too can get a friend like this in your life who is ready to protect you at any cost.

How the Friendship Evolves?

The cat and dog friendship is kind of rare but when you see one, you got to take a bow. These pets in the video are so protective of each other that they won’t even let their owner touch or scold them. This is just so heartwarming to come across such friendships in your life. All of this could become possible because of the trust they have in each other. ( Watch video – ABANDONED PUPPY ADOPTED BY A CAT WITH A LITTER OF KITTENS )

can cats and dogs become friends
Is this Behavior Normal?

This behaviour is very much normal because of your surprise animals share the same feelings as humans and sometimes even stronger. A dog and a cat can totally be best friends especially when they have grown up together and have experienced similar things in life. ( WATCH FUNNY CATS VERSUS FRIDGE

friendship between cats and dogs
Our Take on the Video

Dog and cat together are like the ultimate sibling rivalry as they fight with each other but are super protective of each other too. It’s quite like taking care of each other for the rest of their lives which is simply beautiful in every possible way. You can’t find anything cuter on the internet than this.

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