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It is very common to see your cat open a fridge but the hate to closed doors for a cat is not limited to fridge doors. Whenever your cat sees a closed door of a room it always tries to open it. You can see in this video how smartly the cat is able to open the door.


Do you also think that your cat hates closed doors? The answer is ‘NO’. Cats do not actually hate closed doors they are just inquisitive beings. They are always curious as to why the door is closed? Why it is not allowed to go through that particular door? What is behind the door? These are few major reasons why cats want to open the door and explore the world on the other side of the door.

cats vs doors

Cats vs doors have always been a thing. Are you even wondering how the cat is able to open the door without putting in much effort? I am sure you cannot resist bringing this thought to your head. There are a few reasons as to how it is able to do this so easily:

Cats are intelligent:- Cats are intelligent beings who know how to find a way out of their problems. Their super flexible and athletic body makes it even easy for them.

why do cats hate closed doors

Cats are observant:- Your cat can very easily learn simply by observing what you do in daily life. The opening door is one of them. As in the video you can see that the cat exactly knows the mechanism to open the doorknob. This is only possible if it has learnt this from somewhere. So next time you do anything in front of your cat better be careful.


Athletic:- We all are aware of cats athletic and active behaviour. This makes your cat jump all in the house and climb all the surfaces. Owning a cat is fun in its own way. As every day you will discover something new, one day you see them sitting over the fridge the other day you see them playing with your neighbour. If still, you are looking for a reason to adopt a cat I hope you got one.

Spread the Paws!

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