You are sitting at your favorite spot watching television, your cat jumps on your lap and snuggles you. You think it’s a good day (finally you got some love) and starting petting her. The next thing you know is that without warning she bites your hand. All that is left with you is a question, why does my cat bite me when I pet him?
Feline aggression is a problem faced by many cat owners secondary to house-soiling. However, this irrational behavior is rooted in both aggression and excitement. Let see why do cats bite while being petted?

Why do cats byte?
Why do cats bite when they are happy?

A rational mind thinks that if a cat is happy what is the reason for her to bite? It is quite straightforward. She got too excited. It happens that when you stroke your cat they become over excited and trigger an arousal-based bite. She lets you know that it is enough. Do not try to pet her further, its time you leave her alone.
Stroking cats also produces small static charges between her hairs which irritates her skin. This irritation also causes her to bite. (Read more 8 Things you should never do to your cat )

Why do cats bite when they are happy?
Feline aggression

Sadly cats are prone to feline aggressive behaviour. Cats who suffer aggression through petting are the ones who seek physical contact too. Cats that were mistreated as kittens are more prone to aggressive behavior. Petting-induced aggression can be averted by behavior training and good socializing. Cats are creatures who do not like too much interference in their life, they are punctual to a fault and any change in their regime might irritate them and makes them aggressive.

Feline aggression
How to help your kitty?

Early socialization can be a good solution to make her comfortable and familiar with petting. Whenever you pet her, look or signs through which she tries to communicate that it is enough and you need to stop. If your cat show signs of petting-induced aggression then it is likely that she will give you the following signals:

They will swish and lick their tail before they bite
Their ears will get flat suddenly
They will be vocal about it, like making hissing noises
Their pupils will dilate quickly or become extremely narrow

How to help your kitty?

I you read these signs then stop petting her immediately. Pet her only as much as it’s comfortable or her, it’s about her and not you. A cat needs her space and isolation so do not always go cuddle her.

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