Do you know the age of your cat
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If you have adopted your feline friend from a shelter or rescue organization then it would be hard to recognize their actual age. For this, you can use these simple tips given below and determine how old your cat in reality is.

how to calculate the age of your cat
Check Their Teeth

Wondering how to tell your cat’s age? Well, start with checking cats’ teeth. Kitty’s first teeth emerge somewhere between 2 weeks to 4 weeks. However, they get their permanent ones at the age of 3-4 months. This is why it is easier to determine a cat’s age when they are still small.

how old is your cat

Just like humans cats also have clear and bright eyes in their maintenance years (only if they are healthy). However, as they age, you can spot cloudiness in their eyes. This development in their eyes takes place usually when they become 10 years old.

calculate your cat's age

It is quite an easy task to determine how old is your cat by their size and weight. A cat gains 1 pound each month till they are 4-6 months old. So, if a cat is 4 pounds then it would be about 4 months old. However, it can vary if a cat isn’t properly fed or taken care of.

find out How old is your cat
Sexual Maturity

While the age of sexual maturity for male cats is 5 months, it is 5-12 months for female cats. Also, a cat can give birth to her first litter by the age of 7.5 months. This can be a big breakthrough in determining a cat’s age if it hasn’t been neutered at an early age.

Their Coat

Calculate your cat’s age with this cool trick of observing their coat. A kitten’s coat is super soft but as they grow and age, their coat becomes thicker and harder with time. Some cat also changes color as they age which is also a proven way to identify their age accurately. ( Read about – Meet The Curly Haired Cat Breeds )

Cat's coat can help in finding the real age of ca

Just like dogs, cats love to play around when they are younger. You can track their activities and mobility to determine their age easily. Older cats love to lay around and sleep most of the time which is a phenomenon that comes with the maturity of their age.

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