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The pandemic has forced all of us to stay indoors. People have self-isolated themselves in order to flatten the curve of virus infections. This change in routine and significantly reduced outdoor activity has unsettled a lot of people. This has been true for your cats as well. The isolation and curtailed activity are also unsettling for your feline friends.

The stress of being locked indoors and very less physical and mental stimulation can manifest in various ways in cats and other pets. While society is adjusting to the new standards of normalcy, there are some amazing tips for cat owners during lockdown to keep their cats healthy and stress-free. We have curated a list of top 5 tips for cat owners so their cats can live a comfortable healthy life during the lockdown. (Read about – Truth about cats and COVID-19)

Give your cats indoor exercise

Cats are the master of their own mood. Try to keep your cats active so they spend enough energy throughout the day. Keep your cats occupied by playing fetch, climbing staircase or playing in the garden.

Climbing Staircase for cats
Keep them indoors

It might sound harsh but it is the need of the hour to keep ourselves indoors as much as possible. For cats which are habituated to outdoors might find this difficult. Try keeping them occupied indoors with toys and other activities. (Read about Why does your cat feel unloved?)

Keep cats indoor in COVID-19
Keeps your cat mentally stimulated

Cats have their ways to mentally stimulate themselves. The lack of mental stimulation due to isolation can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression in your cat and other pets. You can play with them, teach them new tricks, hide their toys and let them sniff it out, etc.

Play with cat
Ensure efficient rest

Cats usually sleep during the day when their owners are not around. With people around all the time, the cats are constantly stimulated and might not get proper rest. Create a cosy, dim-lit place for your cat to nap during the day.

Give sufficient rest to cats
Pet-friendly sanitizing solution

It is possible that you have a really hard time bathing your cat. Cats are highly unlikely to enjoy a good bath. Yet it’s important to clean them if they go outdoors often. Try pet-friendly sanitizing solutions like sanitizing wipes for pets to clean your cats.

Sanitizing cat

Spread the Paws!

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