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If you feel your cat is suddenly behaving oddly with you and doesn’t respond to you properly, there might be a few things you are doing wrong. When a cat senses a sudden change in their usual routine, they tend to behave weirdly. You can easily rectify this by understanding what do cats hate that humans do.

loud noises

Fireworks, thunderstorms, and construction noises can be confusing and scary for your kitty. Due to their acute sense of hearing loud noises are things cats hate the most. You can begin by instructing your cat to stay when sounds become to loud. Give her treats for engaging in the stay behavior and for ignoring the loud noises.

cat hates loud noise
Bad smells

Cats have an excellent sense of smell. There are some smells that cats hate such as citrus, menthol, lavender etc. You can use scents cats enjoy to attract them to locations like their scratching post. There are also smells she might really like, including catnip, and silver vine.

Tummy rubs

Most cats don’t like to be stroked on their tummies, she will (try to) depart the scene or hit you with her paw. However, a few cats love when a person pets their belly.

Interacting with strangers

Paying attention to your cat’s reactions is also important when an unfamiliar person meet her especially if that person is a child. If she wants to interact she will most likely approach you, if she doesn’t want to interact, she’ll usually walk away or ignore you. Unnecessary interaction with strangers is one of the things cats hate about humans. ( Read More – 8 Things You Should Never Do To Your Cat )

Leaving her alone

It is true that its easier to leave a cat for longer times than a dog. This is mainly because cats are more independent creatures. However, if she is alone for extended periods it is possible that your cat develops symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Unclean litter box

Using a dirty toilet—in public or a home—is pretty gross, right? As far as cats go, they can only cover their poop with litter as their natural instinct. It is upon you to clean the box every day.

Competition with other cats

Cats can become easily jealous and can be possessive about their carers, territory, toys and even litter box. That’s the reason your cat rubs its head on you, to mark you with its scent so that other cats know that you are taken.

Spread the Paws!

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