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We all know how perplex we feel in stress. It not only affects our daily routine and ability to think but also causes some serious health issues. And the sad part is your feline friends are more susceptible to stress. According to Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D., a certified applied animal behaviourist, chronic stress can weaken the immune system of cats and also causes several illnesses. It’s the responsibility of every cat owner to provide a healthy and stress-free environment to their cats. Read more to find out some tips to create a stress-free environment for your cat. Let’s take a look:

Litter Box

Being a cat owner must be aware of the importance of litter box to your feline. Providing a litter box to your cat is not enough, thought needs to be given on the litter box type and size, location and cleanliness. A variety of litter boxes available in the market, prudently select the one which your cat prefers. Strongly fragranced litters should be avoided, as most felines appreciate that. If you have more than one cat, always use one litter box for each cat. It should be big enough so that your cat can fit comfortably while using it. Cats don’t like disturbance while using the litter box, hence try to keep it in quiet areas of the home and don’t leave it dirty. ( Read about 10 Surprising signs that your cat may be sick )

clean litter box for cat

Quality of Cat Food

Cats should be fed several times a day in small quantities to keep your cat away from obesity. Markets are flooded with various choices of cats food products and making cat owners live miserable to choose which cat food is the best. You can contact your vet to select balanced food for your cat.

Enough Water

Generally, cats don’t drink ample amount of water due to this they suffer from dehydration and sometimes undue stress. To keep your cat hydrated provide water from dripping faucets and water fountains, as felines like to drink flowing water. ( Read about 6 Ways you might be unknowingly hurting your cat’s spirit )


Cats love perches. Perches not only provide them to an elevated position but also to survey the surrounding area. Cat perches are available in various forms such as cat shelving, cat trees etc. To provide your cat full comfort place blanket, bed, towel on the perch. Try to place it near the window so that your furry friend enjoy the outdoor survey.

perch for cats

Play with Your Cat

To keep your felines’ mind refreshed, play interactive games with them because exercise helps in downsizing the stress. You can find various types of toys in the market for your cats such as feathers that mimic a bird, a mouse or small rodent toy and a lot more. Some cats enjoy playing laser pointers. Play with your cat at least 20-30 minutes daily which will keep her fit and less stressful. ( Read about 10 Rules to follow if you are owning a cat )

Hiding Place

Cats have a tendency to hide whenever they feel threatened or overwhelmed. By doing this they feel safe. However, if you fail to provide such a place, your cat can become a victim of stress and anxiety. They prefer hiding either in boxes or in the carrier.

Providing Scratch Area

Do you know, scratching surfaces is one of the essential activities for your cat’s health. By scratching the surfaces cats mark their territory. If you refrain your cats from doing this, it will induce stress or anxiety in them. In order to keep your cat healthy, get vertical as well as horizontal scratching surfaces for your cat in your home.

cat scratching post


All pets enjoy their owners’ attention. To keep your cats stress free, don’t forget to spend time with your furry baby by doing cuddling or playing. This will not only reduce stress in cats but also helps you to analyse any behaviour changes in your cat.

Spread the Paws!

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