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Cats are mischievous creatures yet they are creatures of habit. Cats are mostly meticulous about their eating, sleeping and defecating habits. If you suddenly find your cat missing the litter box or changing its pattern, then these litter box problems might be a sign of any medical condition that might need your attention. Your cat might also associate this discomfort with the litter box itself, thus avoiding it, or trying to signal you towards the issue. Let us look at some strange litter box habits that might need your attention.

litter box problems
The favourite litter box

If you have multiple cats, then you must have noticed this that a few cats will guard their favourite litter boxes. This is an expression of their natural tendency to guard their territories. Do not try to train your cats to share the litter boxes if they are not willing to. This will only increase animosity between them. The best option is to keep a separate litter box for each cat and a few extras if you can. ( Read about Where to Put the Litter Box ?)

cat playing in litter box
Missing the litter

Sometimes you will notice that your cat is missing the litter and going right next to it. This is not typical behaviour for your cat. It is highly likely that if your cat is going right next to the litter, then it is trying to use the box but something is stopping it. This might be due to an untidy box or the type of litter. It can also be because of the shape of the box; cats usually prefer large rectangular boxes. Avoid using any dome-shaped box. (Read about 6 Signs Your Cat Is The Boss )

Weird cat litter box behaviors
Resisting a new litter box

If you often find your cat scratching litter box and wetting the carpet instead, this might be a sign of protest against the new litter. Though most cats are flexible, yet any sudden change in the type of litter might not be welcomed. Generally, cats prefer fine-grained, hard-clumping, unscented clay litter. (Read about 5 Things That Make Your Cat Feel Unloved )

cat scratching litter box
Cat playing in a litter box

Many cat owners observe peculiar behaviour among cats. Cats tend to play within the litter box as soon as you bring it clean and fresh. You might find either your cat playing within the clean litter or instantly going for it. This is to mark the fresh litter with its scent and claim its own territory.

Cat enjoying litter box time

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