signs your cat is angry from you
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Cats are expressive and though they may not come and whisper in your ears that they are getting annoyed, but they will announce their feeling of being vexed in their own small ways. Here are the signs your cat is angry and annoyed:

signs of cat's annoyance

  1. If you find your cat rushing its tail vigorously back and forth, then there is something really wrong with your cat
  2. If you see your cats tail flicking towards the end but not thumping or thrashing, then again there is something fishy that irked your cat. (Read more What does cat tail language indicates? )
  3. A swishing tail, paws placed on you are signs your cat is mad at you, seeing such symptoms you should realize that your cat is annoyed and wants you to stop whatever you are doing at that particular moment.
  4. Low pitched meowing and hissing, and spitting sounds made by the cats also symbolizes their annoyance
  5. If you find your cat ducking their heads in their shoulders and crouching them again, it is a green signal for them to show a troubled behaviour.
  6. Their pattern of ears also shows their annoyance, slightly turned ears towards the back which is not flattened towards the head also confirms that your cat is annoyed. ( Read more How to create a stress-free environment for a cat?)

Reasons your cat may be annoyed

If you understand cat behaviour and body language closely then you can easily make out if your cat is irritated or not. There can be various reasons for which your cats may behave in a nettled manner, here are a few of them:

angry cat

  1. There are chances if your cat is acting awkward, then there is undoubtedly another cat outside.
  2. Another reason for cat’s aggravated behaviour may be because they are unable to access their food or litter box due to some element or obstructions
  3. Another reason may be someone who is unexpectedly coming in their way that they might not like.

Every cat is different in their own way, and thus you need to recognize what your cats are trying to say to you in their own feline way!

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