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Halloween is just a few days away and you people must be bubbling with excitement and all sorts of crazy ideas. All this Halloween craziness is at times not so much fun for your cats. Halloween is a time for costumes, candies, sweets, pranks, and a lot of craziness. For cat parents, if not dealt cautiously can mean a lot of trouble. We are here to help you out. We have brought tips on Halloween safety for cats and for you.

halloween safety for cats
Cats and Candles

This is the first and important tip. You might decorate your house with jack-o-lanterns, candles, and lots of light. It is important that you are vigilant that your cat does not accidentally knock anything down in excitement. Keep the lantern and candles out of reach from your cat, though it is likely impossible. You can also use electric candles instead of wax ones. Keep your wiring under carpets or out of reach. Any edible decoration might cause stomach troubles if your cat nibbles on them. (Read about 10 Reasons you should be thankful to your cat )

keep your cat safe halloween
Cats and Candies

Cats and candies do not go well together. Many candies and chocolates are toxic to our feline friends. It can have serious consequences. Keep you candy bowls out of reach at all times, be sure that your cat does not nibble on them. If your cat eats something dangerous, then immediately contact your vet. ( Read about: What you should feed your cat )

halloween safety tips for cats
Cats and Costumes

Though we all love to dress up on Halloween night, involving your cat in the fun must be done cautiously. If at all you are dressing up your cat on the night, then keep the following tips in mind:

cat safe costumes for halloween
  • It should not obstruct their breathing in any way.
  • It should not obstruct any of their senses. This might make your cat anxious and disoriented.
  • The costume must not obstruct their movement.
  • Be sure that it something not very elaborate that might get entangled in other stuff. Cats cannot handle a costume like humans can.
Cats and Fireworks

Cats have an acute sense of hearing. All the excitement can make your cat anxious and behave oddly. The fireworks and the noise can scare your cat. If your cat seems anxious and not enjoying the fun, then keep your cat safe in a quite room and keep checking in on them. ( Read about: How to have a safe Thanksgiving with cats)

cats and firework in halloween

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