things That Make Your Cat Feel Unloved
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Remember the day you brought your pretty little kitten home or the day you decided to make space for your cat in your home. You were filled with love and excitement, isn’t it?
Well now the time has passed, and you still got your kitty only bigger in size and age.

Do you still have that tingling feeling as your cat looks at you with its wide-open eyes? Have you seen your cat giving you indications to play with her or pamper her?
Do you think there might be a chance you might be doing things that makes your cat feel unloved?
Here are a few reasons as to why your cat might feel distant and unloved from you:

unloved cat

No Playtime Anymore

In this fast-paced life, we all struggle to take out time, even for ourselves. And might be so that your cat feels neglected and unloved as you don’t have enough time to play with her.
It’s good to take some time off from your busy schedule and give time to your pet cat. It’ll help both of you. ( Read about Things you should never do to your cat? )

Unclean Litter Box

Another reason why a cat is giving you cold vibes is that they are neat and tidy creatures who loved to keep their surrounds as clean as possible. When the proper care in regards to the litter box isn’t taken, it might make your cat so upset that she might start looking for another place to poop.
So, make sure to clean the kitty litter box quite often as possible. (Read about Common household hazards for cats )

uncleaned litter box of cat

Ignorance of Cat Pain

If your kitty is suffering from an infection and any health issue, she is good at hiding it. However, it is important that you don’t ignore her pain.
Observe your cat and see for any changes in their behaviour and gestures of the body which can indicate that they are hiding something or are in pain. ( Read about How to create a stress-free environment for your cat? )

don't ignore your cat

Taking Your Anger out on Her

The frustration of your office, the turmoil of your relationships can leave you unsettled from within. And this can result in exercising violent stuff such as teasing, shouting, punishing or hurting your cat. Make sure don’t end up doing such acts, as these may call the attention of the animal protection squad.
Make use of yoga or dancing to relieve off yourself from unnecessary stress.

sad cat

No groom room

When was the last time you took your kitty for a hair cut or trimmed her nails? Do you clean the food dish of your cat when its long been time when she had her meal? Do you neglect your cat and her day to day caring needs?

Your cat might not speak your language but they listen to your non-verbal actions. Make some time for your kitty, she deserves it and so do you. ( Read about How to take care of an abandoned kitten?)

groom your cat

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  1. All of these cat cares are amazing. I’m currently owned by a spoiled pampered siamese named Sophia and she is very verbal and makes sure to get what she wants. I just wish all cats were like meezers

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