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Having a pet cat at home is a big responsibility and parents have to ensure everything is perfect. If you are first-time cat owner, it is very important to understand your purr babies well. This way you can set some ground rules for everyone that will make living with cats an easy task. So why wait? Check out this new kitten checklist and implement it right away!

Exclusive Place

Cats need their exclusive place to sleep and can barge in your bed if not made comfortable! So to avoid all those sleepless nights, learn how to make a cat house and let peace prevail.


Be Prepared for Fur

Cats shed fur throughout the year. So if you want to keep cat fur at bay, keep a vacuum cleaner handy.


Monitor Their Meals

Cats can’t judge their hunger and can keep munching throughout the day. So if you are a new cat owner, you need to control their food habits from the beginning.

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Mood Swings

Understanding a cat’s mood can be a daunting task. A wrong pat can cause a bite.Watch out!

mood cat
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Cat Naps  

Cats usually sleep for small intervals. So if you see your cats lazing around, do not worry! Your cat is just being a cat.

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Keep Valuables Safe

Cats love to bite anything soft. Be it your new cushion or footwear, they can relish on anything. So, one needs to be cautious always!cat-bite

Tidy Is A Task

Cats can make a pocket hitting grooming session at the pet salon go vain in minutes. Keeping them tidy can be a task if they are left all by themselves. Celemoon ultra soft silicone washable cat grooming shedding massage and bath brush is one of the best grooming products available on amazon. 

cat grooming

Variety in Food

Look out for options to add some more flavor to your regular cat food. Cats love variety!

cat food photo

Physical Exercise

Don’t let your cat laze around. Play with them to keep them fit!

playing cat photo

Don’t Let Them Boss Over You

Cats can be very bossy and adamant. Be very stern to keep them well behaved.

So if you are owning a cat for the first time, ensure you have these rules in place! Happy Petting Peeps.

Spread the Paws!

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