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Some cats are very particular about their hygiene. Even to the extent that you can call them obsessive. They are very particular about their litter box location and how it feels to them. If she does not like it, she might not use it and can lead to improper elimination.
Improper elimination is the biggest issue reported by cat owners followed by petting-induced aggression. Where to put your cat’s litter box? This can determine how your love affair goes on with your furry friend. If your cat litters properly, it will ensure hygiene, health and mental balance.

best place for litter box

Worst Litter Box Locations:
A space with a lot of blind spots

Cats have a strong primal instinct that makes them wary of blind spots. They are super alert creatures always on a look out for unexpected attacks. If you put their litter box in a closed, confined space with corners, it is likely that she might choose another place to litter. It’s best to use a space which is not too private and have a little flow of people also allowing her a wider view of the place. ( Read about How to make your cat happy?)



uncleaned litter box of cat

Close to food or drinking water

Cats have an acute sense of smell. Making their litter box near food or water points can put them off. Cats like to keep their areas of eating and drinking clean. It is best to keep it away from areas of food and water. (Read about What should you feed your cat?)

Cats don’t like loud noises and vibrations

It is a bad idea to keep their litter box near an appliance. Appliances make noise and create strong vibrations. Cats have high hearing power and are sensitive to vibrations.

successful litter box location


Best Litter Box Locations:
More than one litter box

Make sure that you keep more than one litter box per cat in different locations in the house. You have a multi-story house, it is best to keep one on each floor. Try seeing where the cat likes to litter. (Read about Owning a cat for the first time?)

where to put your cat's litter box

Quiet & large spaces

Cats like quiet corners in a large room with bright visibility. It assures them that they won’t be ambushed and are safe to litter.
Try to figure out which type of boxes and spots she likes to do her thing. It is best to have multiple boxes. By observing your feline’s behaviour you can easily avoid inappropriate elimination problems. (Read about Why does your cat feel unloved?)

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