how to keep your cat mentally fit
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Cats are highly sensitive animals with their primal instincts always on. Most of the cats like physical activity and some like to laze around. Cats are also moody and unpredictable. They have a strong sense of like and dislike. To keep a cat well not only physical activity is important but to keep it mentally stimulated is also important. Cats have their own ways to entertain and excite themselves however you can go an extra mile for your kitty. If you have wondered how to help your cat mentally stimulated, here is your answer.

Train them with something new

Cats have a strong sense of personal life. They rarely tend to learn things from anyone. They come with a bag full of tricks of their own. But if you create a reward-based system or her, she might surprise you at learning skills. ( Read about Tips to help your cat become more friendly )

Tips to train your cat something new
Puzzle feeders work wonderfully!

Puzzle feeders are great gadgets that let the cat hunt for its food. This comes naturally to them and excites them a lot. Puzzle feeders are great because the cat can entertain itself even when you are not at home. It lets her tap into her primal instinct to hunt and earn its food. Puzzle feeders are easy to make at home. ( Read about How to adopt a stray cat? )

cat's puzzle feeder
Who let the cats out?

You must observe this carefully that does your cat look out the window for long periods. If this is so then perhaps she longs to go out and engage with the environment dynamically. It increases brain activity and let them use their body to their fullest which brings a sense of fulfilment to them. If you are unsure about unleashing your cat then you can start with outdoor activities and strolls with your kitten and let her engage with nature and the environment. ( Read about What should you feed your cat? )

cat playing outside
Give your kitty a nice view

Cats are keen observers. They like to watch and observe people and the rest of the world for long hours. You can make it easier for your cat to access windows and add perches to the windows so she can sit and relax and watch the world. It is an engaging activity for them.

Cat watching outside the window
Chase & Run

Cats love to run, pounce and grab things. That’s why they love the simple woollen ball so much. You can have running toys at home which the cat can chase; it gives her a sense of adventure and hunt. (Read about Where to put your cat’s litter box?)

cat playing with a ball
If nothing works!

I none of the tips work to help keep your cat mentally stimulated, this one will. Get her toys stuffed with Catnip. It is a wonderful herb that will keep your cat stimulated and excited all the time.

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