how to care your pregnant cat

A cat’s pregnancy and delivery are much different than humans. Many people prefer to spaying their cats to avoid pregnancy and related diseases. Cat shows typical signs of pregnancy like morning sickness, more isolation, licking its genitals, nipples turning dark pink etc.
If you identify or suspect your cat is pregnant, the first thing you can do is to show her to a veteran. Humans need a lot of care and support during pregnancy and delivery, however, cats prefer to deliver their babies in isolation and require the least involvement. Caring for a pregnant cat becomes fairly easy. (Read more Why do cats feel unloved?)

pregnant cat care tips

Cat’s pregnancy timeline

A cat’s pregnancy timeline is between 58 to 72 days varying from cat to cat. In the first two weeks of pregnancy, the cat eats less food. By the third week, it starts eating again and gains weight rapidly. In the final stages of its pregnancy, a cat starts to build a nest for its babies. You can assist the cat by providing her with a small isolated space, comforted with blankets and warm surroundings.

pregnant cat

Two days before labour the cat stops eating and might become vocal about it. If you notice this then you can be sure that your cat is about to deliver. Right before delivery, she will stay within her nest, avoiding all communication. A cat delivers its babies once in 15 mins, after the first two kittens, she might have irregular deliver due to exhaustion. (Read more 8 Things you should never do to your cat)

Pregnancy behaviour

Some cats during pregnancy seek more attention and affection while some like to stay alone and prefer minimum contact. It can become aggressive as part of her instinct to preserve the kittens from any harm. Your cat might start licking her genitals just before a few hours of delivery and lay on her side inside the nest.

cat pregnancy timeline

Common pregnant cat care tips!

In terms of assistance, a cat needs almost nothing. They are resourceful creatures and prefer solitude during their pregnancy. However, as caring owners, you can ensure that you do not feed your cat with canned food but give high-quality food which fulfils her calorie needs. Give her food rich in Taurine, Taurine deficiency can cause deformed kittens and even prove fatal. (Read more Pros and cons of wet and dry cat food )

Take good care of your pregnant cat and show affection and care towards her. It is important or the to-be-born kittens to have proper nursing and care.

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