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Being a cat owner our sole purpose is to care for our cat and treat them right. But sometimes, it so happens that, cats often are unable to understand our actions and tend to behave in a different way. It mainly happens when they are hurt or mistreated. Also, it may happen that some of your behaviours may end up hurting cats feeling. You never wish to upset your cat right? Here are the tips which you should follow in order to be perfect cat owner and never ever hurt your cat’s spirit.

You should never shout at your cat

Cunning ears are much susceptible to harsh sounds, so raised noises can readily frighten your kitty. This indicates that your pitch, which is already shaken itself, grows to be a lot more disturbing to cats. Therefore, don’t show anger as it may terrify the cute little kitties

Neglecting or punishing your little friend can harm their feelings

Things, like punishing cat or neglecting your fluffy friend, can actually harm their feelings more than you think they do. Therefore, you should always treat your kitty as your own or someone close to you to make them feel loved.

punish your cat

Treating them as your own

Treat them as you treat your family members. Ignorance or neglecting cat behaviours are something that can crush your cat’s spirit. Thus, treating them as one of your family members can help them lighten their mood and improve their behaviour. (Read about Rules to follow if you are owning a cat )

Do not overlook their pains

Cats excel in hiding their discomforts and may not show their suffering and pains loud. But there are chances that they may show you in subtle ways by a change in their behaviour. So do not overlook such things and take them to a vet to get a cure for their pains.

cat in pain

Do not switch off lights

Leaving your furry friends in darkness can make them feel lonely and abandoned. So do not switch off all the lights when you have kitties at home.

cat in darkness


Kitties prefer to be clean at all times, they are very particular about cleanliness. So do not leave the litter boxes unclean so that they have a clean space to litter.

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  1. We always leave a light on fir our cat. She had uti last week,and we got her to the vet intime. She’s had some beforeally so I was able to figure out what it was.

  2. I have automatic night lights for my cats on every floor.

  3. I always have lights on. I also leave my TV on so they don’t feel all alone when I go to bed or have to go some where.😸

    1. This shows that you are a responsible cat owner.

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