Tips for preventing cancer in cats
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Any disease that can affect a human also affects a cat. For your kitty, it’s just much worse because of their hypersensitive nature. If you are a cat owner then feline health must be your top priority. Cancer rapidly catches up with our lovable friends and progresses more briskly than compared to humans. Because of harmful carcinogens, improper eating habits and genetic reasons, our feline friends are highly susceptible to cancer. Though not all cases of cancer can be avoided some basic steps can be helpful in protecting your cat from cancer.

Healthy Food Habits To Prevent Cat Cancer

How to prevent cancer in cats? Healthy food is the simplest and most important answer. Improper food habits and toxic and pesticide infested food is a major cause for cancer in cats. It is crucial to feed high-quality food to your cat for her overall wellbeing. A healthy physical body is less susceptible to cancer and not conducive or the growth of cancer cells. Don’t overfeed your cat. Excess fat in the feline system can lead to various diseases in the body. Fat is the part of the endocrine system which is responsible for secreting undesirable hormones and substances which can lead to problems like cancer and increased inflammatory responses.

Healthy Food Habits To Prevent Cat Cancer
Spaying & Neutering!

Spaying and neutering can have multiple benefits for your cat. Spaying your cat at an early age before her first heat cycle can prevent mammary cancer and breast tumour. It nearly eradicates potential or breast cancer. Neutering and spaying prevent many types of cancer in cats and is not just a preventive measure or birth control. Read more How to Increase the Life Expectancy of your cat?

Spaying & Neutering in cats
Avert Environmental Carcinogens

Viruses such as feline leukaemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus can be potential causes of cancer as well. Don’t expose your cat to cigarette smoke, it is aggressively harmful or their lungs. Carcinogens from cigarette smoke, bug sprays, pesticides and insecticides can cause cancer to cats. It is advisable to use non-toxic organic products or your cats to avoid the risk of cancer.

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