How To Increase The Life Expectancy of Your Cat
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We all want our furry babies to remain with us until our last breath. To make our cat live forever is the wish of every cat owner. Although the wish can’t be fully filled, you can do some changes to your cat’s lifestyle to increase the cat’s life expectancy. Here are 10 things you can do to increase the life expectancy of your cat.

Keep your cat inside

cats don’t want to be inside the house all the time. They love being outdoor, enjoying nature and outdoor activities. Although outdoor activities are important for them, dangerous for their health and longevity. When they are outside, they are more exposed to parasites, pathogens and viruses which may cause serious health problems. Besides, they can become prey for wild animals and also indulge in a fight with an outdoor cat. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop your cat’s outdoor activities, as it’s important for their health too. Let them enjoy the outdoor activities in your supervision. ( Read about How to take care of cats without crushing their spirits? )

keep your cats indoor

Provide nutrition and moisture rich food

To Provide a balanced diet to your cat is the most challenging task for every cat owner. If you want your kitty to live a long and healthy life, it’s important to know that dry foods cause metabolically stressful to your cat. So, try to replace dry foods (dry formulas, processed pet food etc) with unprocessed, non-GMO, Animal meat, raw or gently cooked foods.

cat's wet food

Play with toys

Toys are vital for cats, as they provide exercise and inhibit their boredom. Try to rotate their toys because they get bored with their toys easily. Playing with toys not only increase cats life expectancy but also keep them mentally fit.

Take care of Cat’s teeth

Always keep your cat’s teeth clean, as the dental infection is not only harmful to your cat’s mouth but also other parts of the body. Use toothpaste and brush which are specifically designed for felines. Here you can find some easy tips to brush your cat’s teeth.

brush your cats teeth in 4 simple steps
Spay or neuter your cat

As per the recent research by the Banfield Pet Hospital, cats may live longer who are spayed or neutered, as it reduces the risk of reproductive cancers.

Avoid poisonous plants

Don’t keep plants which are toxic to cats at your house. Here you can find the complete list of such plants –

Avoid poisonous plants for cats

Change diet with age

Just like human cats also need to change their diet as they grow older. Older cats metabolism rate is lower than young cats. They need low-calorie, low protein 7 easily chewable food and more fibre and fatty acid in their diet.

Don’t miss annual checkups

I would suggest visiting twice a year to your veterinary because changes in their health occur in a short period of time. Cats are expert in hiding their illness. Semi-annual visits help you to closely monitor your cat’s behaviour and attitude which require attention. ( Read about Things you should never do to your cats )

don't miss cat's annual checkup

Monitor their weight

54% of cats in the US are suffering from obesity. Obese cats life expectancy is shorter than normal cats because obesity is the root cause of various diseases which affect their quality of life. If you want to keep your cat at a healthy weight then provide them nutritional rich and moisture food as mentioned above. Calculate the number of calories needed for your cat to maintain a healthy weight. Provide food accordingly, don’t forget to include treats in their total calorie count.

tips to control the obesity in cats

Treat her hairballs

Hairball is one of the main reasons for vomiting in cats. You can do few things in order to prevent lumps of hair in your furry baby such as don’t use mineral oils, brush their fur regularly. According to Dr Kellogg, “Periodic treatment with a flavoured laxative can help”.  ( Read about How to manage high blood pressure in cats? )

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