Tips to make your cat friendly and social
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Cats are creatures of shadows! Cats generally like to be alone but often they desire attention, affection and love too. Some cat breeds are friendlier than others and some are more reserve. With some simple methods and behaviours, you can easily make your cat more friendly and social.

how to make your cat more social

Tips To Make Your Cat-Friendly

Certain breeds of cat are more reserved than others. As cat owners, you must have wondered how to make your cat more affectionate. To make your cat more affectionate and friendly you must start with them early on. It has been observed that cats that are mistreated as kittens tend to develop petting-induced aggression. This means that your cat will become aggressive and might bite you if you pet her too much. No cat lover wants it. Thus the key to a friendlier cat is to socialize it from early stages. ( Read about How to adopt a stray cat?)

Tips To Make Your Cat Friendly

Treat them well as kittens

Cats develop petting-induced aggression if they are mishandled as kittens. They prefer more isolation. Though such cats like to be petted but have strict and rigid boundaries around them. Cats become aggressive and bite if it becomes too much for them. Paying attention to them while they are kittens and showering affection at an early stage can make them familiar to the love and cuddles.
It can build more trust between you and the cat as they grow up.

how to make my cat more social

Teach them their names

A cat responds to its name like dogs. You must call your cat by its name and once it comes to you, you must reward it. This reward system will help her recognize the sound like her name and she will know that she has to come to you when you call her. Once they learn to respond to their names, they will become less shy and more expressive. ( Read about Why your cat feels unloved?)

tips to make a shy cat more social

Introduce your kittens to dogs

Cats and dogs are considered as arch enemies. However, if you bring your kitten in contact with feline-friendly dogs they might learn that not all dogs are bad. Generally, cats left on their own have bad experiences with a dog and come to fear and detest them. Opening them up to feline-friendly dogs can open them up to other forms of love and acceptance. (Read about How to create a stress-free environment for your cat?)

Introduce your kittens to dogs

These were a few tips on how to make your cat more social. Apply them and see your kittens grow up to become friendly and affectionate felines.

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