How to adopt stray cats
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There are a lot of stray cats who need a warm home and affectionate companionship. Bringing a stray cat can be a challenge. The journey from caution to trust can be a bumpy road. Stray cats can become amazing house cats, all you need is patience.
If you have decided to bring a stray home, get ready or an unexpected ride. If you decided already then how to adopt a stray cat is just a matter of love and patience.

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Food is trust!

Strays are highly cautious when it comes to human interaction. With a burden of the past, they have learnt to make their own way. It is impossible to approach a stray and pet her directly; you need to earn her trust first.
What can be better than food? Be slow and patient, it might take weeks to finally make her trust you. Start by slowly leaving food for her. Let her approach the food. Cats are punctual, make sure to bind her in a routine so she keeps coming back for it. You can slowly keep the food closer to your house and let her approach it. If she trusts you enough, she might let you scratch her.
Gently you can let her inside the house without alarming her or being too fast.

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Follow your gut

You will have gut feelings about when and how to approach her. Trust them and follow them. The cat will reciprocate the trust and love. Give her time and space to explore your home and familiarize with the new surroundings. Do not force her to stay inside, let her come back as she pleases by using the food. Once she is familiar with your house and feels secure, she will have no problem staying there and dropping her alarm. ( Read about How to take care of abandoned kittens?)

Take care of stray cats

Get her vaccinated before introducing your other felines with her

It is best that you get her vaccinated and checked for worms and infections. Cats have feline leukaemia which is highly dangerous. Getting her vaccinated will assure her and other felines safety in your household. You can slowly start introducing your other felines to the new member o your family. Make it slow or you can make both parties anxious and confused.

These were a few tips for adopting a stray cat. You might slowly realize that adopting a stray might have been the best thing you have ever done. She might bring light and love to your life as you have brought to hers. (Read about Why do cats feel unloved?)

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