toxic hazards for cats

Cats at home are no less than the family members. And, just like one cares for their family mates, cats also require the same love and care. Cats are notorious and can easily end up playing the mischief and may accidentally sallow things that may be hazardous. Thus the cats’ owners need to be pretty careful about their whereabouts. So here are a few household hazards for cats that you need to be vigilant about:

Hair ties

You may love to have those pretty hair ties, and at the same time, these staples are prone to be lost easily. But if you have cats at home, then you need to be very careful as cats tend to have the same love for hair ties. And, if they manage to swallow them, these ties and rubber bands can cause some severe problems. ( Read about 8 Things you should never do to your cat )

hait ties are common hazard for cats


Moving ahead hair ties and rubber bands, cosmetics are just another thing that the cats love to play with. May it be a lipstick or a body lotion, licking such things can prove to be toxic hazards for cats.

cosmetics are dangerous for cats


As you say keep medication out of reach of children, the same rule applies if you have cats at home. You need to be very careful about your medicine boxes as it can cause fatal outcome if swallowed by your cats accidentally. ( Read about 10 Rules to follow if you are owning a cat )

medicine are toxic for cats

Electrical wires and fittings

If you want to save your cats from being electrocuted, then you should take care that these cute little felines are kept at pace from electrical wires. Make sure that the cables are insulated and covered with cord covers to ensure the safety of your cats.

electric wires are dangerous for cats

Toxic plants

Plants add nature to your home, but if you have plants inside, then you need to be particular about the plants you are keeping. Some of them might be poisonous and may stand as household hazards for cats causing health risks leading to death. So you need to be vigilant and careful for the same. ( Read about How to take care of abandoned kitten? )

toxic plants for cats

Salt lamps

Salt lamps look beautiful, but your kitties are also driven by their beauty which is not a good sign licking these lamps can cause cat health hazards and may pose your cat for a medical emergency. (Read about Signs your cat is angry )

salt lamps are harmful for cats

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