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Emotional support is a very integral part and necessity of us. And having cats as an emotional support animal can be more comforting than it sounds. There are more benefits of emotional support cats than you actually realise. These furry little creatures are very affectionate and fun to watch and play with. Cats are easy to domesticate and can create strong bonds once they start trusting their owners.

emotional support cat
Benefits of an ESA

Feline cats are known to be good at reading human emotions and accordingly respond, making them a good emotionally supporting animal. They are easy to take care too, just a clean litter box, soft space to snuggle-in and food, the basic! Many cats usually take care of themselves and do not require regular caretaking which leaves their owners enough time to get things done in their life. Once in a while, quality playtime with them is good for them and their owner as well. Most cats like it as you move your hands up and down on their body and they make purring sounds with vibrations which can become a therapeutic session leaving you with a relaxed feeling.

benefits of emotional support cat

Having cats as an emotional support animal (ESA) requires an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional. The letter shall state your condition of disability and that you are eligible to have an emotional support cat that supports you with said disability. Further, seek approval from your landlord by sharing the ESA letter with them as well. As per the Fair Housing Act, the landlord is required to make reasonable accommodation arrangements for you and your emotional support cat. There are various emotional support cat adoption centres that you can connect with. These centres and organisations will make it much easier for you to adopt a cat and get it trained for the purpose.

emotional support cat adoption

If you are planning for an airline travel journey and are getting anxious about leaving your cat behind, don’t worry. You don’t have to leave the cat. The Air Carrier Access Act allows you to take your emotional support cat along with you in a suitable pet carrier inside the aeroplane cabin. They would require the ESA letter in advance to be prepared and make arrangement accordingly. Some airlines such as Alaska and Delta also ask for an airline document which can be obtained through the ESA Doctors.

Spread the Paws!

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