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Thanksgiving is a vibrant and exuberant celebration. However, for cats, this can be a stressful holiday. All the sudden excitement, children running around the house, vibrant decorations, new and unfamiliar scents and the worst, other animals, might make your furball a little disoriented and stressed. These stressful things about thanksgiving can bring down your cat for the weeks yet to come. Cats are meticulous about their routine and if anything, that can totally destroy it is Thanksgiving. Precisely that is why we have brought to you, thanksgiving tips for cats. ( Read about 10 Reasons to be grateful for your cat this Thanksgiving )

thanksgiving tips for cat
Can Thanksgiving leftovers help?

When you cook delicious treats on Thanksgiving, be assured that your cat is just aroused with the smell itself. However, when you do not offer any of it to the cat, she must have a broken heart. Though it is not wise to give ‘people food’ to cats, Thanksgiving can be a special occasion. Do not give any overcooked, over-spiced, and salted meat to your cat. Onions and garlic can also be toxic to your cat. The best that you can do to win their heart is by sharing with them plain turkey meat without skin.

treatment of stress in cats
Extra attention will not hurt

Your cat needs to be settled in its quite routine quickly. It is a good idea to spend some extra time with your cat, sitting silently, gently playing along and giving some extra snuggles to reassure your cat that she is getting back to her usual routine. ( Read about Why do cats knead? )

stressful things about thanksgiving
Use products that reduce stress

Cats have an acute sense of smell. During the holiday, your house is full of unfamiliar scents. To the human nose, it is undetectable but to cats, this can be serious. You can use products like Feliway – which is a synthetic pheromone product which cats naturally produce from a gland on their face. Use this after the holiday to make the house smell familiar again. You can also use flower essences for the treatment of stress in cats such as Rescue Remedy or Stress Stopper. ( Read about How to have a safe Thanksgiving with cats )

Cat Cope With Thanksgiving Stress

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