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For most of the cat parents, their cat is a mystery beyond their understanding. Many of us might believe our cat is the craziest of all but that’s not the case. Your feline friend can be quite normal despite its weird behaviour. Hence today we’ll explore our curious critters and here you can find 4 weird cat behaviours explained.

Cats' weird behaviors
Head Butting

Headbutting is one of the most common cat behaviour observed in almost all cat species. Technically, it is when a cat rubs and presses its head on an object and its technical term is called bunting. Have you wondered why your cat rubs against you? In cats, pheromones are present near the cheek areas and by rubbing their head against you, they mark you with their scent. This simply means that they mark you as their possession and is also a sign that your cat loves you.

Head Butting in cats
Covering Their Poop

This is a common cat behaviour. Kittens learn this from their mother. This behaviour is an evolutionary leftover of a safety measure that cats need not require any more due to domestication. Usually, cats’ poop in private spaces. If littering in spaces that are accessible by another cat or predator, they would cover it with dust and mud to hide its scent and presence.

Why do cats cover their poop

However, with domestication, such wild threats have become obsolete for cats yet it remains a leftover habit. It is quite common for cats to cover their poop with litter. It is also possible that a cat might leave its poop out in the open which is a way of showing that it’s their territory.

Unwanted Gifts

Many cat owners are surprised to find a dead rat or a pigeon on their bed in the morning. Many cat owners believe it as feline behaviour problems. However, it is not so. Cats usually share their spoil with someone they experience as part of their family. You can certainly try not to encourage this but also don’t scold your cat for doing so.

Why do cats bring dead animals for their owners
Eating plants

There are many reasons that your cat might be nibbling on plants. It is possible that its tummy is upset so they find it comforting, or it can be simply out of curiosity. Whatever the reason it’s not alarming in any way. However, just make sure you don’t keep plants like Lilies and daffodils indoor as they are harmful to our feline friends.

Spread the Paws!

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