Does your cat know when you are sad?
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Do cats know when you are sad – ask any cat owner and they will answer in affirmative. People often associate cats with aloofness and dogs with bonding. Yet there have been reports of cats travelling thousands of miles to search for their missing owners even. There is even anecdotal evidence from cat owners who say that their cats have cuddled up to them after a long hard day. However, the question remains, are cats able to sense sadness?

Do cats know when you're sad
Love hormones and Cats

Humans have a love hormone called oxytocin which was first found in a new mother interacting with her baby. A professor from Claremont Graduate University found the same hormone in cats as well indicating that cats have the same fierce feeling towards their owners. So can cats tell if you are sad – the hormones say so? ( Read about – 7 Things You Do That Your Cat Hates )

Can cats tell if you are sad
Sense of Attachment

Cats form secure attachments to their owners and this can be seen when cats follow them around the house. They are also able to recognize their owner’s voice and love to spend time with them. Cats also get separation anxiety when their owners are away and they vocalise their despair. This behaviour is not exhibited by cats when they are with strangers or if the cat is a feral. An animal with such attachment can always sense your mood.

are cats able to sense sadness
Do Cats know when you are sad?

Are Cats able to sense sadness or do they just respond to expressions? Cats may not be the most emotionally intelligent creature but they do associate our emotional response with their actions. For example, cats learn that your sadness comes with a lot of petting and cuddling for them so they reach out when you are exhibiting a gloomy mood. They are receptive to your facial expressions so to get extra attention, they react to your sadness. In this scenario, you get a cuddle buddy and they get attention, a mutual exchange. ( Read about – Your cat says “I Love You” in 5 weird ways )

cats unconditional love

Cats copy our emotions and can sense our moods. After all, they are tuned to us like we are tuned to them. Does your cat know when you are sad? What does your cat do to make you happy? Let us know in the comments below!

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