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Working in your favourite pajamas on a Monday is a glorious way to go to your job. This is made possible for a lot of people due to work from home guidelines during the pandemic. However, if you are a cat parent, then you know it is not as glorious as it sounds. Working from home with your cat around all the time can be quite challenging. If you are facing difficulty managing both your work and your cats need for attention, then worry not. We have got you covered.

cat with a laptop
How to work from home with a cat?

Well, we will begin with the basics. If you have a routine of staying away for work during the day, then your constant presence can be a little overwhelming for your cat. While the owners are away, cats are habituated to go outdoors or sleep for long durations. So, it is important that you do not impede your cat’s routine too much. Create a safe space for your cat which is comfortable and relaxing. Try to not conduct too much activity around this space. ( Read about – How to Take Care of an Abandoned Kitten ?)

safe space for cat
Kitty hammock might also be a good option

Some cats need more attention and like to always want to hang around the owners. This might directly impede your work. Cats have a mysterious affinity to sit on your keyword while you attempt to work. You can try buying a kitty hammock and keep it at a close distance.

Kitty hammock
Set a schedule to play with you kitty

If you don’t keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated, they might seek your attention in destructive ways. Cat parents’ work-home schedule is already challenging and with your cat constantly clawing the furniture, crying for attention, letting out its frustration on your couch might be even more difficult. Set a schedule to take a break from your work ad especially play with your cats. (Read about How to Handle Aggressive Cat ?)

cat toy
Keep them occupied

Keep your cats physically and mentally stimulated by playing fetch, climbing staircase or playing in the garden, teach them new tricks, hide their toys and let them sniff it out. You can also give them edible toy so that they are occupied with them while giving you space to work.

edible toys for cats

Spread the Paws!

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