8 Things You Should Never Do to your cat
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All cat owners believe that they are perfect cat parents and they do everything they can to make their fur baby healthy and happy. However, felines are strange creature, unlike dogs they are shy in sharing their feelings with you. To understand your cat you must be aware of their vocal as well as tail language. They can take care of themselves if you provide them with the essentials such as clean litter box, food water etc. A few things should be taken care of occasionally such as grooming their fur and nails, vet visit etc. In addition to that, there are 8 things you should never, ever do to your fave feline under any circumstance.

Skipping heartworm treatment – You must be thinking how can a domesticated cat who barely comes in contact with other pets get heartworm. Here’s the answer to your question – heartworms are usually carried by fleas and mosquitos, which can easily enter to your home through an open window or a door. By the virtue of medical science getting rid of these infections have now become easier. There are various cat flea, tick treatment and heartworm prevention products are available in the market. ( Read about – 10 Surprising signs that your cat maybe sick )

Ignoring vet visits – If your cat’s daily activities have not changed, means she is healthy. However, it’s not true because your feline friends are expert at hiding illness and sufferings. Just like humans cats can also get health issues like deterioration of vision, kidney failure, hypertension and a lot more. Since prevention is better than cure so an annual vet appointment must be in your checklist.

cat in pain

Pushing your cat – Sometimes we are in stress and we might do things which we should not. Never ever push or throw your cats, as it not only crushing their spirits but also doing physical harm. You have adopted a cat to shower your love on her, not the frustration. ( Read about How you are crushing your cat’s spirit?)

Skipping Brushing your cat’s teeth – All cat’s owners are aware of how difficult is to cleans their furry friend teeth. They are reluctant to open their mouth wide. If you want to protect your cat’s precious smile, then you don’t forget to brush your cat’s teeth daily or at least 2-3 times a week. Cats dental treatment should be in your checklist as ignoring dental issues can lead to plaque, tartar, loss of tooth etc.

tips to brush cats teeth

Outdoor Activities – Just like us cats also like to spend time in nature’s lap. In order to make your cat happy always play some outdoor games. Apart from this keep window shades drawn and the windows cracked so that she can cherish the outside view as well as feel the breeze.

Neglecting Body Language – To become a responsible cat owner you must know how cats express themselves. Cats express their physical as well as mental health such as holding their tail beneath the body, becoming more vocal etc. Body language is the easiest way to figure out whether your cat is happy or not. To more yourself aware you can read about cat’s tail language.

Water Dish – Don’t just dump out the old water and fill it with fresh water. Always clean your cat’s water dish either daily or alternately to scrub out the surface of the bowl to prevent the formation of the slimy layer. Imagine drinking the water from a slimy layered glass.

my cat won't drink water

Cat on your Lap while Driving – Being a cat owner, you must be aware how much your fur baby hates travelling. Although cats hate being in their carrier but for your safety never ever let them roam freely. They can become your distraction which can be lead to accidents, injuries or escape. ( Read about How to travel with a cat in a car?)

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