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At some point in our lives, we all felt misunderstood, or not understood at all. This is the case when we have a language and an amazing ability to communicate. Just think of our feline friends who cannot communicate about their lives verbally. Though cats have their own ways of letting their carers know, we likely miss what cats are trying to communicate. Here is a guide for cat owners to understand 10 things that your cat wishes you knew.

few things cat wishes you knew
Not all cats hate water

Commonly it is believed that all cats hate water and are extremely scared of getting wet. Though, it is commonly seen in many cats but is not true for all cats. You must experiment and see if your cat feels comfortable wetting its paws or not.

Not all cats hate water
Cats have a deep sense of belonging

When a cat rubs its head on you, you feel pleased as cats are not very expressive about displaying love. However, they do it to mark you with their distinct scent which means that you belong to them.

cats love their owners
A strong sense of cleanliness

Cat owners might think if their cat is afraid of bathing then how does it keep itself clean. Well, cats are very meticulous about their cleanliness. They lick themselves to keep themselves clean and you will rarely find a shabby cat.

Cats love the outdoor sometimes

Usually, cats prefer to stay indoors, away from the bustle of the city and unwanted surprises. But once in a while when indoors become too monotonous, they do enjoy a day spent outdoors.

Cats love outdoor activities
Your cat can sense your stress

Cats are peculiarly sensitive to human emotions and mental activity. Your cat can sense your stress and anxiety and even respond to these emotions by either trying to cheer you up or withdrawing themselves.

Cats are hesitant at forming new relationships

We all like to bring our friends to see our new kitten or get our cat to be friendly with our friends. However, for cats, relationships don’t come so easily. Cats take their time to familiarize themselves with a stranger and do not like to shove to them for petting.

Shy cat
A cat’s purr doesn’t always indicate happiness

Purring is a distinct sound that a cat makes which is often identified with happiness and contentment. However, at times cats purr to soothe themselves, heal their pain, fend off anxiety, and even when battling depression.

Cats are very particular about their litter

If you observe that your cat is missing the litter box often, it could indicate a serious health issue like infections or it might also mean that your cat is showing disdain for the litter box. Experiment with different litter which is more comfortable for your cat. You can also try changing the location of the box itself.

cats are particular about their litter
Cats need mental stimulation

In case your cat is showing signs of dullness or withdrawal, it can very well mean that there is not enough stimulation for her. You can try getting toys, puzzles, and try a few outdoor activities.

Bringing dead mice to you means love

Cat owners often find dead mice and birds on their bed in the morning. This is not abnormal but in a cat’s world, it means she wants to share her spoil with you which is a sign of affection and love and she sees you as part of her pack.

Spread the Paws!

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