Thanksgiving food for cats
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Thanksgiving dinner is the best part of any family and there are a lot of people who consider their pet as a family member. Although you make a lot of food for your family members, there are certain foods you should not feed your pet cat at any cost, not even by mistake. Let us look at the 10 thanksgiving food that you cannot share with your cat.


Many people often ask can cat eat Thanksgiving turkey? It is not a fatal food item, but due to a high concentration of oil and fats, it is preferably not given to cats.

Mashed Potatoes

Plain and undressed potatoes are the kind of Thanksgiving food that are safe to share with cats. But, if you are adding butter and garlic then it turns out as unsuitable to be consumed by cats.

Gravy Item

Any thanksgiving meal for the cat should not include gravy items. The gravy is too rich for the cats to digest.

Green Beans

It can be consumed by a cat in a similar manner like undressed potatoes. But one must avoid fried onion or cheese toppings for cats.

green beans photo


As long as you are not laying any other toppings on the carrot, it is good to go for Thanksgiving food and cat.

Cranberry Sauce

Cats generally do not like any item that has a bit of tartness and cranberries comprises a high level of tartness. Avoid it for your cats.

Bread Rolls

Bread rolls are not a problem, only if it is not infused with garlic and butter. In case, your cat eats any of the infused bread, then they are prone to Heinz body amnesia.


The ingredients of stuffing are in general toxic for the cats and it disrupts the ideal digestive system and it can cause health issues as well.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkins are suggested by doctors for irregularity in their stool passing. However, too much of pumpkin is not good for your cats.

Sweet Potatoes

These are fine for cats only in little doses. If sweet potatoes collaborate with brown sugar and marshmallows, then it can transform into a wrong thanksgiving food for cats.

Everything comes with a reason, so do not feel sorry for not sharing your yummy and mouth-watering thanksgiving foods with your cats. Your cats have a lot many reasons to be grateful to you!

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