surprising signs of cats sickness
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Just like humans, a cat’s health effects with age. However cats can’t tell us how they feel, it’s their owners’ responsibility to be aware of their cat’s sickness symptoms. The following are the subtle indications that your furry friend is sick and in need of veterinary attention.

Hiding often

We all know our furry friends are strong, the great hunter and have stoic behaviour. They don’t let their owners know that they are sick. “If your cat hides more often than normal and suddenly becomes less social, this could be a sign that your cat is suffering from an endocrine disorder, infection or even cancer,” says Ashley Rossman, CVA, Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital.

Behaving like a fish

Cats don’t drink abundant water. If your cat empties the water bowl quickly or tries to get water from a sink or toilet, perhaps something is wrong. “She might be suffering from an endocrine disorder like hyperthyroid disease or diabetes,” says Dr Rossman.

cat drinking water

Low appetite

Does your cat show excitement when you give her a bowl of kitty kibble? If not, this could be an indication of serious illness. “A low appetite could be a sign of underlying infection, cancer or dental issues such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and stomatitis which lead to resorption of many tooth roots,” says Dr Rossman.

why cat is eating less

Cat’s running eyes and nose

Cat ’s hoomans are aware that sneezing, nasal discharge, coughing, fever, or the sniffles occurs in cats due to various reasons such as cat upper respiratory disease which is similar to our common cold. However, if your cat is shedding excessive tears, take note. It could be an indication of either a clogged tear duct or irritation to the eye.

Cat becomes more vocal than usual

Cat owners generally consider purring as a healthy sign of cat’s health. But if your cat becomes more vocal than normal, take a note. A lot of meowing is a symptom of sickness. “Vocalization is a very broad clinical signal in cats—it not only conveys pain but also conveys many different underlying diseases,” says Dr Rossman. (Read about: How to Handle Aggressive cats )

Losing weight

Weight loss in cats is the easiest sign to catch. Homans shouldn’t ignore it, always consult your vet to be sure your cat has been properly diagnosed for internal disease, dental health, and any other conditions that could be causing to her weight loss,” says veterinarian Heidi Cooley, senior manager client experience and advocacy at Banfield Pet Hospital.

cat loosing weight

Scaly patches on the skin and hair loss

Red scaly patches and hair loss are the assured sign of feline sickness. “If you find it in your cat, immediately contact your veterinarian to diagnose and get your cat’s treatment on time, as it is contagious to not only pets but also humans,” says Dr Cooley.

Too much vomiting

All cat hoomans know, cats do vomit instantly after eating or when they digest lots of hair while self-grooming. Although the vomiting remains only for 2 or 3 days, it causes dehydration in cats. If the vomiting persists more than three days consult your vet, as it can be an indication of infection, intestinal obstruction, liver disease, or cancer.

cat is vomiting to much


According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, lumps, tumours and discoloured skin are clear indications of cancer. Apart from this, if your cat is facing problem in breathing, eating, constant diarrhoea, bleeding from the mouth or abdominal swelling, then must go for a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. For all hoomans it’s disheartening to know your cat is suffering from cancer. However, by the virtue of medical science, some cancers like lymphoma are curable.

lumps on cat

Aberrant behaviour

Less playful, more sleeping and no longer jumping are some subtle signs, your cat is not feeling well. If you come across with such situations, scrutinize whether your cat is finding problems in climbing the stair or going down. If yes, immediately fix an appointment with the vet, as it’s the clear sign of arthritis. ( Read about Cats Behavioral Changes )

cat behaving aberrantly

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  1. pls help.. i have a cat is now suffering from.. but i dont know what kind of symptoms is.. his head are toward down. while walking.. it looks paralyzed.. and too much dizzy ?

    1. Hi. Sorry to hear that your cat is not well. But even I don’t know about this symptoms. So, please consult your vet.

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