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In this new year, an exciting thing happened for cat lovers, The Affogato Cat Cafe has been opened in Cleveland’s Tremont in Starkweather Avenue. The cat cafe is not an ordinary cafe where you can get espresso drinks and food with cute cat pun names but also cat room where adopted cats can be mingled by customers. As of now, visitors can get the opportunity to meet 16 felines there, all from the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Hence, the cat people getting a chance to spend some quality time with their furry friends. Besides this, it also helps cats to get home forever. For hoomans, this place is nothing less than a paradise.

Tremont Cat cafe

The Idea Behind the cat cafe:

This idea has been brought by Eddy Crespo and Mandy Miller. They worked closely with Animal Protective League to set up an ambience where the felines can hang out with people in a protected nurturing environment. “It really helps people get to know the cats so they know what they’re adopting,” Cat Lounge Coordinator Cat Crespo said. Hopefully, the feline adoption rate will be improved by it.

Affogato cat cafe

About the Cafe:

The cat room is separated by a door from the coffee shop part. Cat Lover Britney Parker said, “I think it’s really great. I just like cats. They’re all really great and some of them are being adopted. And, you get to have fun with them and enjoy some nice coffee”. The cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday and remains closed on Monday and Tuesday. Although to enjoy cat bliss, customers have to make a reservation and need to pay an extra cover charge for an hour in the cat room. i.e $10 on weekdays and $12 on weekends. It’s a bond that will expectantly improve the cat’s adoption rate and people enjoy some moments of life with purr-fect friends.

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