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Here are seven travel destinations for cat lovers which will definitely turn out to be a paradise. These will easily please your most finicky feline along with you.

Cat cafes in South Korea

There are cat cafes in Seoul and South Korea which is a heavenly paradise for cat lovers. They usually focus on pedigree cats and you can enjoy your food with a great company. (Read about Tremont Cat Cafe )

Cat cafe in south Korea

Tashirojima Island in Japan

This is the place where interestingly, cats outnumber human beings. Felines are believed to bring luck talking in terms of the Japanese culture, and taking your cat along for a visit will surely make you feel heaven on earth.

Cats Island in Japan

Ypres in Belgium

The cat festival called Kattenstoet is one of the longest-running cat festivals in Belgium, taking place every three years. Thousands of visitors gather and dresses up as their kitty mates. It is the place to visit for cat lovers from all over the world.

Ypres in Belgium

Kuching in Malaysia

This city is entirely a cat freak city. You will find cat statues, fountains, cafes etc. The Cat museum has 4000 feline artifacts and there are places to cat lovers which will make you droll.

Kuching in Malaysia

Rome in Italy

Rome gives you an ancient feeling, however, the Largo Di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. Here, you get to see cats with special needs who are adopted by many people while they are on the go.

Rome in Italy


De Poezenboot is a very innovative floating cat sanctuary headed by Kapitein Anna. It is inhabited by over fifty stray cats. They spend their time watching ducks and get an occasional chin scratch when a visitor passes by.

De Poezenboot in Amsterdam

Key West in the USA

You must visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum which is a home to more forty felines. You can witness the original six-toed cat Snow White roaming in the grounds for the amusement of the visitors.

Key west in the USA

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