best feline for traveling

Are you a cat lover? Then you must have an experience of traveling with cats. Not all cats make a good companion, but there are some breeds that act boss like while you are roaming and make pretty good travel partners.

Given below is a list of seven breeds of cats you want to travel around the world.


People possessing this breed of cat believe that it is similar to having a dog. This breed of cats indulges in everything you do and wants to be involved with all your daily activities.

Siamese cat


Having a big personality this breed loves being petted. Seeks for attention and is very adaptable, as in you can remove them from the cage and make them sit on the car, even when you are not around. (Read about How to travel with a cat in a car? )

Persian cat


This cat is kind of crazy but has the adaptability to be stable and tame. They love to sit in the car and be close to the people whom they love. This makes it a great travel companion.

Pixie-Bob cat

Scottish Fold

The most loved cat among the list, and is dynamic in nature. This breed does not fear a change of surrounding. In fact, Taylor Swift has two of them and she takes them wherever she goes.

Scottish Fold cat


One of the furriest breed and has a superb personality. Adjusts to new situations and does not react much when introduced to new people and can stay confined while traveling.

Chantilly cat

Russian Blue

A very reserved breed prefers spending time watching TV or playing. Likes to be close to known people and does not create a havoc while traveling.

Russian Blue

Japanese Bobtail

These are calico type breed and according to Japanese people, it brings good luck. It is calm in personality and has an adaptive nature. This attribute works well on roads and hence a good travel partner.

Japanese Bobtail cat

So, these are some of the friendly breeds of cats. If you have ever perceived cats as companions, you should surely have one of the above breeds of cats as your pet.

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  1. I had a Russian Blue who absolutely hated the car and being in new places. He would prowl around and howl as loudly as possible until he got home. He did this from the time he was a kitten until he was 24. He was a homebody.

  2. Neither my Russian Blues nor my Siamese cats care for the car. They all hate traveling. I’ve had cats all my life (currently I have 11 and have had as many as 15 at one time) and I’ve only ever had one cat that didn’t mind going in the car. I still wouldn’t say he liked it but he never complained.

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