Why Do Cats Stare at Other Cats?
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Cats have their own ways of doing things. They not only have a different way of eating, jumping or squatting, but they also have a distinct way of looking at things around them. The latter constitutes one of the peculiar features of cats. Such is their ability to stare at people, animals and things around them constantly without a blink that it can amaze anyone straight away.

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If your cat stares at you, you are bound to wonder, “Why does my cat stare at me?” Read on to know why cats do so.
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This is pertinent and at the same time, an interesting question. If you are seeking an answer to it, you are not alone. Most cat owners are curious to know why their pet friends have a tendency to do so.

why my cat stares at me

Your kitty, by nature, is a stare master. There is hardly a cat owner who can beat their feline friend at staring. While you may blink in a few seconds, your kitty can look at you with a constant gaze for several minutes. Their staring can mean different things to a human being and another cat. (Read about Why do cats meow at night? )

Why Do Cats Stare at Other Cats?

When a cat comes across another cat, they stare at one another. They communicate non-verbally through their eye-contact. The one that stares more aggressively without a blink wins the battle. Otherwise, it ends up in a fight.

Why Do Cats Stare at Other Cats?

Why Do Cats Stare at Humans?

In the case of a cat staring its owner, its a case of the former observing the latter and trying to connect with them. Your kitty tries to take a cue from your actions and also tries to tell you something by her body language. Also, she likes when you watch her in return, as she shares a family bond with you. When you discover your feline pet friend doing so, give it a gentle blink and see how it helps in strengthening the bond between the two of you. (Read about Why do cats sleep so much? )

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