why do cats sleep on their backs
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A cat’s behaviour is very unpredictable; your furry friend can be a source of mystery waiting to be solved. Cats are often seen sleeping in awkward positions like lying on their back, sitting in loaf position, sleeping inside a box etc. What’s a cat’s sleeping position means? A cat’s sleeping position can give you an insight into what your cat is thinking and feeling.

Depending on various relaxation states, a cat chooses different positions. It is not common to spot a cat sleeping on its back. Cats rarely sleep like this. What does it mean when a cat lies on its back? There is no general answer to this. Individual cats sleep with their bellies exposed due to different reasons. (Read about Why do cats rub against you?)

cat sleeping on their back

When they feel safe and happy with you

A cat’s stomach is the most fragile and vulnerable part of its body. Cats are well aware of this. Their wild cousins know this too and instinctively sleep with their bellies put to the ground to avoid unexpected attacks. However, some cats show this unique behaviour. If your cat feels relaxed and safe around you it will expose its belly and sleep with its leg in awkward positions.

facts about cats sleeping on their back

It is a sign that your cat trusts you and the environment around her. This is a progressive sign between you and your feline’s relationship. This is a sign of submissiveness and surrender to their owner and safe surroundings. A cat purring, kneading and lying on its back is a sign that your cat feels content and secure. ( Read about Why your cat stares at you?)

Excessive heat

Cats show this typical behaviour if their body is emanating excessive heat. During the mating process, a cat’s body generates a lot of heat and this could be a sign of it.

cats sleeping positions mean

Signs of agitation

When a cat sleeps on its back, she can use all her paws to attack or defend herself. Thus when she fears her security this can be a defensive position for her to take. If you see that your cat’s ears are latten against its head, then it is a sure sign of defensiveness and you must be careful around her. (Read about What do different cat sounds mean?)

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