why do cats rub against you
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Have you ever wonder why do cats rub against you excessively at times? Though it looks a little strange at the outset, it has a hidden message on the part of your cat for you.

Cats are supposed to have some peculiar connection with rubbing against things. Experts believe felines communicate via scents. They identify their friends, family members, and foes via scents. If your kitty is rubbing against you, then it is a sign that it is trying to assert the fact that you are one of its kins. ( Read about Why do cats stare at you? )

why do cats rub against you

Reasons Behind Cats Rubbing Against You

According to Marilyn Krieger, who is a certified cat behavior consultant in California, “felines define their worlds through scent”. It’s a way by which they also show their love and affection. That is to say, you belong to its family and it is trying to assert the same. Their scent glands produce pheromones in various parts of their bodies such as tails, cheeks, anal and paw pads. They deposit their scents by rubbing with you or things, which sticks with them. Generally, they do so when they are in motion because the scent stays for long term communication. ( Read about Why do cats follow you into the bathroom? )

why do cats rub against things

Why Do Cats Rub Against Things

Not just their bodies of their masters or other cats, cats also tend to rub different parts of their body on other objects as well. Why do cats rub their faces on things? Well, this has a lot to do with their territorial tendency and may differ from one cat to another.

Cats love to be in their own territory. When they see an intruder, they turn aggressive and you can see a change in their behavioural pattern. They mark their presence in a territory by rubbing their body against things to deposit their scent on it. Different body parts consist of different kinds of scents and each can mean a different thing. ( Read about Why do cats knock at things? )

two cats rubbing against each other
So, as you can see, it is a matter of honour for you as a cat owner if your cat rubs against your body every now and then. Seize this opportunity to come closer to your cat. Do not miss out on cuddling with your kitty. This is one of the best opportunity to connect with your cat and build a strong bond with it.

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