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Traditionally it is believed that a cat purring equates to feelings of contentment and pleasure. When our feline friend snuggles up and purrs, we sure feel proud of ourselves and believe that you are their reason for happiness and pleasure. However, you do have the right to be a proud cat parent but do not neglect the fact that happiness is not the only reason for a cat’s purring. So why do cats purr?

Why cats purr
How and Why

Purring is a very distinct sound that cats make. An, as a matter of fact, it’s not only cats but other animals with a stiffer vocal cord can purr too. The sound is made by a rapid movement in their voice box. A muscle in their voice box tightens and releases very quickly as their inhale and exhale to create that distinct purr sound. ( Read about – What Do Different Cat Sounds Mean )

the real reason why cats purr

In order to arrive at the truth about cat’s purr, we have to look at various aspects from cat’s survival instincts to its amazing ability to communicate complex emotions. It is observed that mother cats purr to lead their kittens and kittens purr in response to communicate that they are following and safe. This relates the response to a feeling of safety and security which on a larger scale is emoted as happiness and contentment when kittens grow up. ( Read about – 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps on Your Feet? )

truth about cats purr
Purr might communicate complex emotions

However, this simple emotion translates itself as a complex one when cats purr for other reasons as well, while fundamentally using the same sound. Many vets and researchers believe that this is just like smiling are for us. We smile at times for we are happy but we also smile when we are uncertain, insecure, and anxious as a defensive tactic. Cats release feel-good endorphins when they purr, thus, thus, it’s possible your cat purrs to relieve pain, sadness or even depression. The facts about cat purring is not a single sentence answer. It is naïve to believe that cats purr for one reason alone. ( Read about – Why Cats Drink From Showers? )

facts about cat purring

The real reason why cats purr depends upon history, context and expectations as Tony Buffington, a cat expert and veterinarian say.

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