reasons why do cats love boxes
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Cats seem to have a love affair with boxes and their love for boxes seem to be divine. As such, not only their owners but people in general wonder why the former shares such a deep attachment with the latter. Many of you reading this might also be thinking the same, right?

There is a scientific reason why cats love boxes so much. According to science, it has a lot to do with the mental aspect and instinct of felines. By nature, they prefer to sit or lie down in places that are secure, cosy and warm. Because a box provides them with an enclosed space, they feel a sense of security and warmth in it. So that’s a big reason for the purry little creatures to fall in love with boxes.

why do cats love to sit in boxes

Is it an exclusive tendency in domestic cats?

Wondering whether it is a case with domestic cats or all cats in general? Well, even cats that roam freely in the wild and bigger cats like tigers show the same tendency. It’s just that they don’t get boxes in their habitats. Instead, they get enclosed spaces such as caves to meet this requirement. (Read about Why do cats cover their faces when sleeping )

why cats love boxes

What kind of boxes do cats prefer?

Now, comes the million-dollar question. Do cats share the same feeling towards all boxes or do they prefer specific kinds of boxes? While a cat would take the option of going into any kind of box, they most prefer cardboard boxes. Reason? These boxes offer an extra bit of warmth and a snuggly feeling which ticks the right boxes of a feline’s liking. (Read about Why do cats meow at night )

Thus, if you have been looking for an option to give a pleasant surprise to your kitty for a long time, try introducing it to a box. Just make sure that it isn’t enclosed. If you do so, you will have no reason to complain about it afterwards.

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