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Cats are not as expressive as dogs when it comes to express their affection. Still, they have their own ways of expressing their emotions and how they feel about you. Someone recently asked me, why does my cat lick me when I pet her? If you own a cat then you will know that when you pet your cat and even randomly she’ll come up to you and start licking you. If you have wondered why do cats lick, then be assured that it is for all the good reasons!

It’s their way to show affection

What does it mean when your cat licks you? It’s quite obvious that they love you. If they recognize you as per to their family they will lick you. Cats groom each other to show affection. They also curl their tail around each other for it. ( Read about How cats show their love? )

You are her territory!

Felines can be quite possessive once they start liking you. Licking and head butting are the way through which a cat leaves her pheromones all over you. This is a way to mark you as her own territory and a signal to other cats that you belong exclusively to her. Isn’t it sweet? ( Read about Can cats cry with real tears of pain or sadness? )

They like tasting you

Cats have a keen sense of smell; they can smell if you have spilt anything on yourself. They lick you to taste your spill at times. It can be your salty skin too which they like.

They are cleaning you, you are family

A major reason why cats groom each other is to clean the areas of their bodies which they can’t reach by themselves. The cats lick each other’s ears and top of the head. They might do the same to you; it is a good sign because they might consider you as their own. ( Read about What do different cat sounds mean? )

They are simply anxious

When cats are anxious and nervous, they compulsively lick themselves or anything around them particularly their owners to bring down the anxiety. It is their way to calm themselves. Give her a good massage and pet her with love to aid her to calm herself down.

Spread the Paws!

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