why do cats knock things off table
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Many a time seeing your purry friends knocking at things may make you go bonkers and leave you in a considerate state thinking if something is wrong with your kitty? If you are also someone with the same mind frame thinking on how to stop cat from knocking thing over, then this article is for you to know that there is nothing wrong with your cats, but it is a behavioural approach with some potential reasons. Here is why your feline friends love to knock at things:

reasons behind cats knocking behavior

Experimenting and Exploration:

When cats catch their prey, they use their paws to find out if the prey shows any kind of movement. And, in the same way, when a cat is unobvious about any object, they use the same concept of knocking at things to test if the object is movable or immovable. You may have many a time seen cats showing this behaviour when they find something unusual on the floors. They try to test and find out if the object is moving or not by testing with their paws before they actually bring their face closer to the object. (Read about Why do cats follow you into the bathroom? )

cat knocking off the table


Cats are very playful and are always in search of something that they can play with, and thus they tend to search for objects that can roll off from the table to serve as a toy for them. So if you see a cat knocking things off table, then they are merely trying to find a toy. If the object falls and rolls down, then luckily it’s a bingo moment for them to make the most out of it in their playtime. So next time you see your cats knocking at things, it may be their boredom that may make them prone to do such things. ( Read about What do different cat sounds mean? )

cat knocking stuff

For seeking attention

Cats are real attention grabbers, and they want you to eye on them and their whereabouts at all times. Why do cats knock the thing over may be quite a tricky question for human minds but it is a gesture that comes out of their playful and mischievous behaviour to seek the attention of their parents as well who will tend to wake up from their sleep and try to quiet them. So by knocking at things they have found a real successful technique to get a response from you! ( Read about Do cats cry with tears? )

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