Why does my cat come to the bathroom with me
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Cats love their privacy but not yours. They don’t leave you alone. They always follow you wherever you go even in the bathroom. Although felines do a lot of mysterious yet unresolved activities – their obsession with bathroom is also one of them. To follow their owner into the bathroom is a usual creepy behaviour of felines. Have you ever wondered why cats do it? Keep reading to know the real reasons behind why do cats follow you in the bathroom.

cats obsession with bathroom


According to the recent studies, inquisitive is one of the important reasons behind cats following their owners in the bathroom. As we all know that cats are great hunters and always keep an eye on things around them. When we use the bathroom, they become curious about what’s happening behind the closed door. Due to their snooping nature cats might feel urged to get to the bottom of this. Because of the same reasons they also like getting into opened closets, cabinets and drawers. ( Read about How to take care of abandoned kitten )


As per Veterinarian Dr Kathry, your furry baby feels unprotected without you. Although by nature they are predator yet sometimes they become prey too. And the best part is your feline knows it very well. Their owners are their protectors. Cats feel comfort, relax and safety with their hoomans. When you leave your cat behind the closed door, they feel not only vulnerable but also want to make sure that their owners are not doing anything which can attract predators. ( Read about 10 Rules to follow if you are owning a cat )

cats and their bathroom love

Litter Box

You might have kept their litter box in the bathroom. since they have strong senses of smell they can easily figure out that smell. They might be aware that when you are in the washroom, you are in a confined stage. Perhaps due to your busy schedule, you won’t be able to give undivided attention to them. Hence the bathroom is the best place for them to get your full attention.


Wild cats always have abundant fresh water resources however when they get domesticated sometimes they urge to get fresh water. Your tap and faucets seem similar to fresh water to them. Hence they follow you into the bathroom. If your cat is fond of fresh water, get some special water fountains for them. ( Read about How to take care of your cats without hurting their feelings )

Just Like Us

Cats behaviours are similar to human being. Unfortunately, domestic cats’ lives are bland as compared to wild cats. Their owners are their only source of entertainment in the house. That’s why whenever you close the door, they want to walk behind you to check what interesting thing you do next. Basically, your furry friend doesn’t want to miss any opportunity for entertainment.

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  1. My 3 kittens do this EVERY TIME I go to the bathroom. They use my bathroom time as time to play fight each other in between my legs. They’re so cute tho I can’t get upset

  2. Both my cats follow me into bathroom but only one of them always wants water from the faucet

    1. This is one of the downsides of living with a cat. No matter what they do we love our cats.

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