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Have you noticed your cat drink water from strange places, even though you serve them water in their bowls? This might even give you a hard time ensuring that your cat drinks enough water throughout the day. Your cats need to stay well hydrated to be healthy and happy. You might feel that why don’t they simply sip out of their water bowls?  Here are some reasons why cats drink from showers. 

Water temperature 

Your cat may seek out water sources because it doesn’t like room temperature water. A cat that joins you in the shower or drinks leftover bathwater might prefer its warm temperature.

why does my cat drink from faucet
Bowl shape and size

Cats don’t prefer narrow bowl to drink water. When their sensitive whiskers rub against the sides of the bowls, it irritates them.


Water that stays for too long in the bowl usually acquires smells, dust particles and other impurities. Running water is more aerated and fresh which is more appealing to your cat’s taste.

do cats prefer to drink moving water,
Hearing sense 

Cats have an acute sense of hearing and running water catches their attention more than stale water. If you wondered why do cats prefer to drink moving water it might be because they have a better hearing sense and also that flat water gets stale quickly.


Dripping water is fun to play with. That’s much more fun for your cat to play with than splashing around in a bowl.

why do cats drink from weird places
Water too close to food can be perceived as dirty

For their wild counterparts, the remains of the prey can contaminate the nearby water bodies. Thus it is perceived as dirty water which is near the food. This reflects in the domestic cat’s behaviour as well.

Why this might be a problem?

However fun it seems to watch your cat drink from the faucet, it can have serious health implications for your cat. Usually, tap water has a lot of minerals and metals which can cause urinary tract infection and kidney issues. These are painful situations for your cat and also their treatment is expensive.
If you have wondered why does my cat drink from the faucet and want to do something about it, here what you can do?

Why cats drink from showers
What can be done?

You can try adding a few ice-cubes to the bowl to cool down the water a little. You can also experiment with different shape, sizes and material for the bowl altogether. Different types of bowl give different tastes to the water. If your cat has a plastic bowl, try a metal, ceramic, or even a glass one. Be alert to your cat’s drinking habits, a sudden change in them might indicate illness. See your local Vets for advice.

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