Is It Normal for Black Cats to Turn Brown
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Those who think black cats are associated with bad luck should definitely stop living under the rock. Black cats are the most amazing creation by the almighty. The luxuriously rich colour of their fur and those majestic eyes are just beautiful. However, if you have one then you can notice a bit of rusting/fading in their hairs. We found some of the jaw-dropping facts about black cats and their fur that you should know too. ( Read about 10 Reasons to Adopt Black Cats )

facts about black cats
Genes Play a Huge Role

The only possible reason behind a cat having a black coat is that both of its parents contains black coat genes called Allele. There are various hues in the black gene which reveals cinnamon, brown and solid black colours. If you see some brown stripes on your cat in sunlight then it means one of its parents isn’t fully black.

why black cat's coat turns brown
Aging Might be the Reason

Age can play a huge role in the discoloration of a black cat’s coat. As animals age, their hairs and coat starts to turn grey and then white, just like humans. This is completely normal to happen and it has nothing to worry about.

Diet Issues

Just like humans, cats also need a proper diet to not only keep their body healthy but their fur too. Amongst 22 amino acids they need, Tyrosine is one of them which is responsible for melanin production in a cat’s body. Lack of enough Tyrosine can cause your cat’s hair colour to fade/rust over time.

black cat rust
Might be Tabby in Disguise

As we discussed earlier that genes highly affect the colour of a black cat. If over time your cat’s hair is looking a lot brownish than black then it means your cat is a tabby in disguise and not fully black. It happens because the tabby gene is dominant. ( Read about 5 Cats with Big and Cute Ears )

Why do black cats rust
Sun Exposure

Another interesting reason behind black cat rust can be too much exposure of sunlight. Even human hairs can go through discoloration if over exposed to sunlight. If your black cat just loves soaking in sun then there is nothing to wonder in the fact that why black cat’s coat turns brown.

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