What makes cats visit other people's houses
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Are you also the one who feels that even after taking care of your cat it still enjoys others’ company? Does the question ‘why does my cat visit other houses’ bothers you. Then I just want to make this clear that your cat really loves you but it is because of its basic nature it likes visiting the others. The case is different if you do not let your cat out of the apartment or house but if it is allowed to walk outside then it will surely take around. ( Read about – Why do black cats rust? )

Do cats like to visit other house
Do cats like to visit other house?

Cats are very curious and territorial beings, they really want to know what is going around in their surrounding? There may be a great possibility that there is a kitty next to your house and they want to keep an eye on their food and activity. Unlike dogs, cats do not become friends with other cats easily. So do not be surprised if you see your cat not playing with the neighbor’s cat. Some of the reasons as to why does my cat visit other houses’ are:

do cats like to visit other houses

As mentioned before cats are territorial beings. They want to mark their territory even in others home. They often rub themselves on the sofa or bed just to leave their sent. Once the cat feels it has marked its territory then it stops visiting.

how to stop cats going to neighbors

Your cat will always be curious to know what is going outside the closed doors and this can only be satisfied when it explores the outsides on its own.


Cat loves to eat, if your neighbour offers your cat its favourite food then it will find opportunities to visit them.

why does my cat visits other houses

Like any other being cats even love attention. If the neighbours are more playful with them than you are then you have given them another reason.

Stress busting

If the cat doesn’t get a peaceful environment at your home then it makes it uncomfortable and makes it rush to a more comfortable environment. This can be due to lack of attention, noises, bullying from other cats, any allergies, and irregular routine.

tips to stop cats going to neighbors
Cognitive Decline

Mostly cat above 15 years it start experiencing lapse in memory. This is due to aging of brain and has no cure.

How To Stop Cats Going To Neighbours

The answer to this question is simple:-

  • Give your cat more attention and affection
  • Spend more time playing with your cat
  • Give then a healthy atmosphere at home
Does your cat go to your neighbor's house

It is important to understand that all your cat needs are love and affection and in return, you get to enjoy their comforting cuddles and love in their eyes.

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