Is your cat sleeping under your neck
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This is completely normal for cat owners to experience their cat sleeping on their face, neck, head etc. Apparently, this might seem weird to many people that why cats would leave a perfectly comfortable space curated just for them and rather sleep on their owner. Here are some of the reasons that might leave you baffled.

when a cat sleeps on your neck
To Feel Safe and Secure

When a cat sleeps on your neck then it might be possible that they are feeling a bit lonely and scared. Cats laying on your neck may indicate the fact that they are looking for a feeling of safety and security by their owner. You can particularly notice this behaviour of cats when you have been ignoring them for a while out of a busy schedule. ( Read about – Why do cats sleep on your feet?)

why do cats burry their heads in your neck
For Warmth and Love

Cats may seem like they are loner but in reality, they want as much warmth and love as any other human being or any other pets you have. By sleeping on your neck or face or head, they just want to experience skin to skin contact which exhibits the feeling of comfort and compassion.

why do cats like to lay on your neck
Marking Territory

Each cat has a unique smell that may not be that noticeable to humans but can be identified by another cat. So, when you are wondering why do cats bury their heads in your neck, they are simply marking their territory by leaving their fragrance on you. So, when you meet other cats, they would already know that you belong to another cat. ( Read about – Cats sleeping positions and what they mean? )

Is your putting her head under your neck
To Get Attention

If your cat sleeps under your neck not that often then this might mean they want to grab your attention for specific reasons. It can represent the fact that you may have forgotten something about them like their food or their water bowl or something else. ( Read about – Why do cats cover their faces while sleeping?)

Is your cat sleeping with you
Proving Dominance

The reason behind why do cats like to lay on your neck might be about proving their dominance on you. This usually happens when you have more than one cat in your house and when one of them wants to prove who is more dominant than others. Sleeping on their owner’s face or neck surely prove them superior to other cats.

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