Is your cat's nose is wet or dry?
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Cats are adorable. Whenever you move your hands across their furry body, you must have noticed that they tend to purr and raise their back legs and tail upwards as if asking for more and more. Another way in which they show their affection is by sniffing around leaving marks of a wet nose and licking your fingers or hands. But have you ever wondered why is the cat’s nose wet? What is the wet stuff on your cat’s nose?.

Why Are Cats Noses Wet

A cat’s wet nose is mostly the by-product of the environment, its own behaviour and secretion levels of the body. Usually, a moist nose is an entirely natural phenomenon to be found in these creatures.

So, the next time when this question pops up in your head as to why cat’s noses are wet when they purr, you can put your curiosity at rest. Due to sweat glands production on the hairless nose skin, the cat’s nose appears to be wet. ( Read about Why do cats cry? )

what is the wet stuff on a cat's nose

Actually, having a wet nose can help your cat in regulating body temperature by evaporating excess water to cool. A wet nose also helps in making scent particles stick and thus improve their sense of smell.

Some cats secrete more than others. The secretion amount can vary across the life age of the cats. ( Read about Why do cats sleep on their back?)

why do cats noses get wet

However, excessively moist or a runny nose of your kitty, that too, for longer periods could be a sign of bacterial infection or illness such as upper respiratory congestion, diarrhoea, vomiting, lethargy, minimal appetite, etc. Also, if your cat starts to cough, sneeze and produce discharge, it is a matter of concern. ( Read about How the Tabby cats got the “M”?)

should a cat's nose be wet or dry

Conversely, if your kitty has a dry nose throughout the entire day’s duration or a sudden shift from a damp to a dry nose, make sure to check up on your cat and get a vet’s opinion on the matter as soon as possible. Dryness of the nose is not as critical as the presence of scabs and sores.

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